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Re: ip masquerading

bruce wrote:

i have a situation where i have a system with two connections, one wireless,
one eth connetion. i can currently connect with the wireless ath0 to my

however, when i activate the eth0 at the same time, i can't access the
network via ath0. as far as i can tell, i need to implement ip masquerade to
have eth0 map, to ath0...

my test ip addresses are:
 ath0 -
 eth0 -

any thoughts/comments/pointers...

You don't need IP masquerading, unless this system's going to be a gateway to the Internet for other computers.

You don't need IP masquerading if some other device is already doing it. The other device does need enough routes to access everything connecting through it, but in the usual case (you only have one subnet) that's how it's working. In your case, I assume you're using a "hardware" router and it's IP address is or (these are defaults for some brands). If it can be configured to route traffic to via, then you don't need IP masquerading, you just need to configure the route.

You do need both interfaces active at the same time, and network manager cannot do that at present, I've just engaged in a lengthy discussion about that either on this list, or on -test.

I don't know whether network manager can be configured to do one network and not the other.

In addition to configuring both network interfaces to be active at the same time, you also need to enable forwarding in /etc/sysctl.conf

Here's script I run for myself, for a similar task. It doesn't show everything, and it won't suit you without some work.
[root localhost ~]# cat bin/startrelay
ifdown eth0
ifconfig eth0
route add -net gw  netmask eth0
service dhcpd restart

[root localhost ~]#

ath0 in this system provides access to the Internet via a Linux system function as an Internet gateway. It's configured via system-network-config.

"ifdown eth0" takes down the configuration established by system-config-network for eth0, I don't want this configuration to be standard.



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