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Re: Booting F8 from USB Attached Hard Drive

Rick Bilonick wrote:
> Is it possible to install Fedora 8 on a hard drive (120 gb) attached to
> a laptop via USB, and then boot from it without damaging the distro
> installed on the laptop's internal hard drive? The laptop is about 2
> years old (Dell Inspiron 2200) that I believe can boot from an external
> hard drive or a USB flash drive.
> I would like to test out F8 with the laptop's wireless card and I'm
> debating whether to use a USB hard drive that I have or buying an 8 gb
> USB flash drive. (If someone could point me to how to set up a usb flash
> drive to boot F8, I would appreciate it.)
> Rick B.
As long as your BIOS will boot from a USB drive, it is not a
problem. I would suggest you try the live CD to see if F8 is going
to work for you before doing a USB install.

I have not tested it with F8, but F7 installed just fine to a USB
hard drive using the expert install. You have to tweak the Grub
configuration after the install because the BIOS mapping of the USB
drive changes between the install and when you you boot from the
drive. If you are using LVM, you also have to make sure you are
using different volume groups on each drive. If you are using
labels, you have to make sure the labels on the USB drive are
different then the ones on the built-in drives. If you are using are
not using LVM or labels, you have to change the /etc/fstab entries
to use /dev/sda for the USB drive. At least when I did it, the
initrd only had the USB drivers, so the USB drive was the first SCSI
drive, while during install, the internal drive was /dev/sda.


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