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Re: Updating pdfeTeX to a newer version

On Fri, 23 Nov 2007, Paul Smith wrote:

How can one update pdfeTeX to a newer version? The package microtype
gives errors because the current F7 version of  pdfeTeX is too old.

Install TeX Live 2007.  TL is designed to be installed in a single
directory tree, so it can coexist with your existing tetex -- just
change the PATH to include the TL bin directory when you want to use

You can't just install the current pdftex (pdfetex is now deprecated -- the "e" functionality is in pdftex) without updating the texmf trees. There have been changes in the way pdftex configuration is handled. Current distributions use pdftex to produce both .dvi and .pdf, so macros that assume tex--dvi and pdftex->pdf had to be updated.

btw -- I find microtype has become essential. Without it, too many paragraphs have hyphens at the end of many lines. Microtype
invariable reduces the number of hyphens, and in a long document
can save several pages. I don't see any adverse effects on readability and fewer hyphens is a big plus for readability.

George N. White III  <aa056 chebucto ns ca>

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