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Re: "apt" to eventaully replace "rpm"?

Chris Jones wrote:

That sounds like a writer with Debian experience and a feeling Apt is easier than RPM. There are some things in RPM that are quite odd. I think Apt is a simpler method. I have ubuntu-7.10 loaded and it uses Apt and it seems to update as well as RPM.

It is not really correct to compare apt to rpm, a better comparison would be to compare apt to yum (or at a lower level rpm to dpkg).


Yes your right. I am going to reload my ubuntu and see if the first cut is a flook. I loaded it and it gave me the crooked image on my screen. Then the screen went blank for about 30 minutes it seemed like but really about 4 minutes. Then up came a real looking almost perfect image just like it looked after installing. I seems to know about Nvidia and does the right thing.

If the thing is real then the ubuntu loader is smarter than anaconda. And it is still just one CD-rom :-)


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