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patrick quinn wrote:
hello team fedora
 me and my team are curentuly working on a reactos
(http://www.reactos.org) based os called blackhat which is open source
and 100% free.blackhats party piece is its ability to run not only win32
but linux applications nativily.blackhat plays host to the latest open
source and gnu software and environments .it will ultimately use the
gnome interface as the default gui and have xgl alike abilites.i was
wondering if you would be willing to put your name to this project amd
give you very minor help and in exchange you will have permenant ad
space at the top of are webpage and other fedora promotions troughout
the os (eg in the welcome center).we will not ask anything of
significance from you just giving blackhat some of that unmistakeable
fedora charm.i personally am a huge fan of your os and hence the reason
we have come to you.we would really aprecieate a reply be it negitive or
seasons greetings team blackhat

It sounds like a god project to accommodate people who want to run some programs which are native to a MS Windows type OS. I however am not too interested in running MS Windows encumbered computers or chase down drivers and anti-virus programs. It does sound like fun for getting something like this release out in order to void unnecessarily adding $ to the M. It also might be a good trick to play on my wife, installing an almost Windows clone.


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