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RE: Installing DVD iso

I installed FC8 using http as I did not have a dvd on the system.

Here is how I did it (may be other ways as this was my first attempt).

Download the full dvd iso.

Then either burn it to a dvd and configure your web server/ftp server to
allow access to the dvd or copy the files off the dvd to your web server/dvd
server. Alternatively extract the files directly from the iso to a directory
on to your web server/ftp server.

Download the Fedora Core 8 Rescue Disk iso image from
(/pub/fedora/linux/releases/8/Fedora/i386/iso) and burn this on to a CD.

Boot and Install

Boot the server where you want to install FC8 from the Rescue Disk.

When it boots choose Install or upgrade an existing system from the menu.

Select the language and keyboard type from the menu.

You can then choose to install from Local CD/DVD, Hard drive, NFS directory,

Choose HTTP or FTP as appropriate and fill in the details.

In my case I used Http so I then input just the ip address of my web server
and the directory containing the unpacked iso image. If you are using a
service over the internet then you need to target the 'os' directory
(/pub/fedora/linux/releases/8/Fedora/i386/os for instance). I have not tried
this yet!

You can also use boot.iso (minimal boot) or diskboot.img (usb stick) to boot
and start the install (These can be found in
fedora/linux/releases/8/Fedora/i386/os/images on any mirror.)


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> Robert L Cochran wrote:
> > Right, and you can install over NFS: put the iso image in a 
> directory on 
> > a different Linux machine, export that directory over NFS, 
> and then use 
> > the rescue CD to start the installation with. Specify "NFS 
> image" as the 
> > installation type when you come to that screen.
> Have you actually /done that/ with anything newser than FC6? 
> Because I 
> posted a while ago here that I couldn't make it work, had 
> verified that 
> both the http and nfs access worked, and a number of people 
> agreed that 
> it hasn't worked recently because it's still trying to find 
> stuff on CD 
> subdirectories of some such.
> I took the download URLs right from the http server log, ran them on 
> another system, and verified that they worked and gave 
> correct. I tried 
> both the live CD install and the "boot.iso" versions to be sure I had 
> valid boots.
> > 
> > You can do it over ftp too. I haven't done an ftp install 
> in a while 
> > though.
> > 
> > You can also do it over VNC. I've only done that once and 
> with an early 
> > version of Fedora Core, probably 2 or 3. VNC-based installs seems 
> > unnecssarily complicated to me.
> > 
> > Why bother burning DVD media, if you can do it over the 
> network or on a 
> > hard drive they way Jeff suggests?
> > 
> Because recently the network install only seems to work if 
> you rsync the 
> whole tree and create a repository.
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