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Les Mikesell wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
Well my response is negative. I use Fedora systems because I am a real booster of the Unix system. I think the many good heads at Bell Labs that wrote the C compiler language so they could then write Unix was the basis of a good computer operating system in the far future.

The one thing it would have going for it is the native ability to use the ubiquitous vendor-written driver for every device known to man, something fedora goes to extremes to keep you from doing...

But, I think at this point in time, emulating 32-bit windows is not worth the effort. By the time it is completed, it will be about as useful as DOS emulation is now as everything goes 64-bit. Something that might be nice would be a minimal OS that could use windows drivers and provided just enough services to run virtualbox or a similar virtualization layer. Then you could run your choice of OS(s) on that, more or less isolated from real hardware and you could either run real windows or wine on linux/*bsd if you wanted to run windows programs. Or just ignore windows except for being able to use those drivers that came with your hardware purchases.

Yes a 64 bit free opensource Windows would be something Windows people who think would crowd to get it. The Blackhat product they are working on is not very interesting if all you get is a free copy of Windows XP. There are those that $89.95 plus tax is a huge cost but to me it is quite cheap. I just do not care for Windows or DOS. I have one head and two arms and legs and turned 72 today :-) Got two books from my wife.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
	#450462   http://counter.li.org.

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