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Re: Wanna give me a hand debunking this?

Jeff Spaleta wrote:

A better way to find what Red Hat considers fedora to be suitable for
might be to ask where they use it themselves.  Is there a single public
facing server managed by Red Hat that runs fedora?

There is more than code quality that goes into determining the
operating system to use in a production environment.

Yes, but regardless of the reasons, there's probably not much difference between what would be suitable for Red Hat to run and what would be suitable for me - or anyone else... Red Hat probably knows the most about the suitability, so if they chose to use fedora for critical services and made that information public, I'd have good reasons to consider it myself.

Fedora's stated
lifetime policy and rate of technical advancement has to be weighted
against other distribution choices in the Fedora derived ecosystem
which move more slowly.  The release cycle and updating policy of the
Fedora distribution are not necessarily the most attractive elements
for use in production systems.

Or anything but disposable test boxes?

For production systems, for which Fedora distribution's lifetime
policy is ill-fitted, the Fedora Project does sponsor the EPEL project
for contributors who want to target extending the enterprise systems
in the Fedora ecosystem.


I've seen this mentioned before but only on this (and perhaps the Centos) mail list. Has it gotten any mainstream publicity?

I personally would consider systems making use of EPEL as systems
which make use of Fedora directly.  If you are not familiar with how
EPEL works, please read over the links at the EPEL wikipage at the
Fedora Project wiki.  It's perfectly acceptable to contribute to the
Fedora project by contributing to EPEL without having to run the
Fedora distribution.

Are there plans to add the things that would most likely to be needed - the popular desktop packages like OpenOffice, Firefox, Evolution, Thunderbird, etc. in the versions that fedora is shipping?

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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