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Re: ip masquerading/subnets

bruce wrote:
> craig...
> if you look at the diagram again.. box2 has ath0 which is on the 192.168.1
> sub (it's 1.5). box2/eth0 is on a different sub, because as i understand it,
> you can't have multiple nics on the same box, on the same subnet....
You can - you can have 2 or more interfaces that have the same IP
address using bridging.

> the issue is what has to be setup on box2 regarding iptables/route cmds to
> allow this to all work.
> thanks
No matter what you do to the Linux box, other machines on the network are not going to know that the Linux box is
the gateway to the network unless you tell them. So
when you try to ping, the packet is sent to the D-link
router, because that is the default route, and the machines only
know the route for the network, and the default
route. As I posted in another message, you may be able to add a
route to the D-link router so it know to use the Linux box as the
route to the network. If not, then you have to add
the route to the other machines on the network.


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