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Re: FC6->FC8 Migration Path

Tod writes:

Is there one, other than doing a clean install? I'd prefer a straight upgrade if I could get away with it. Any reference docs anyone could point me to?

I've done F6 to F7, then F7 to F8 upgrade. I can't think of any reasons why F6 to F8 will not work.

The only key points to note are:

1) upgrades are much slower than clean installs

2) make sure that your existing F6 system is stable. Run "rpm --rebuilddb" to make sure that the rpm database is clean.

3) make sure that all your partitions -- includes the swap partition! -- have volume labels, and they are referenced by their volume label in /etc/fstab and in the boot prompt -- otherwise the upgrade will refuse to install. I don't remember if it was F6 or F7 that switched to libata and required partition labels. Whichever one it was: once I labeled all my partitions properly (in F6 or F7), the upgrade went in without a hitch.

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