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Re: a paper I can't find...

Frank Cox wrote:
On Mon, 26 Nov 2007 22:35:39 -0600
Frank Cox <theatre sasktel net> wrote:
You don't need a mainframe for that.  Take a look at http://www.ltsp.org

I don't think Tim was referring to thin clients.

An insurance company Daughter's working for's rolling out thin clients. She's not enthusiastic, she wants her real PC.

This actually might be a good place to mention that, in order to get the most
out of a Capio 600-series terminal (and, I suspect, most other thin client
terminals with similar specifications) you need to install and run ltspswapd on
the LTSP server.  When I set up this computer with F8/x86_64, I quickly
discovered that all of the easily obtainable versions of ltspswapd were
compiled for i386.  After spending most of a day hunting around I finally found
the source code for a version of ltspswapd that I could compile and install and
get working on an x86_64 system.

If anyone else is in the same situation, I would be happy to email you my
ltsp_ltspswapd-4.2.0-0.k12ltsp.6.0.0.x86_64.rpm, which works just fine for me.
The only difference between this and the "official" i386 rpm, other than the
obvious fact that it's compiled for x86_64, is that you must specify the swap
directory using a slightly different syntax than what you find in the
documentation.  Why?  I have no idea.  But it works.

I wrote up compete instructions for how to make this work so I can send that to
anyone who needs it, too.

Might be worth contributing back to LTSP.



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