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Re: recently started crashing 4 am

Ed Greshko wrote:
Mail List wrote:
Anyone know what be causing what appears to be something in cron (4 am or so) freezing the machine - started happening the last week or so after some bout of updates - including kde 3.5.8.

After kde update I had to diable knetwork manager which made the machine interminably slow for user to login - removing it fixed that problem - nm is not runnning.

Now it is freezing around 4 am .. any ideas what may be causing this ? Its been a happy F7 machine for a long time prior to this ?

I could not find any interesting info in log files. Box is not visible to internet either.

Thanks for any pointers ...

No idea....

However, for troubleshooting you can try at least one of two approaches...
First, determine what cron jobs are being at run 4AM and then do one
(potentially both) of the following.

Daily housekeeping.

1.  Run the jobs manually one at a time.

2.  Disable all the jobs from running except one and then enable one per day
until you have problems.

Run half. You eliminate one half immediately.

Enable to okay part, and half the other. Repeat until done.

This is why I do not do automatic updates, ever. I've been saying since RHN was introduced, back around Valhalla's time, it was a bad idea. Automatic downloading is good. I like to see what changes, and what's proposed to change. Even security fixes aren't necessarily urgent.



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