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Re: Fonts (Firefox/Windows & Firefox/Linux)

> Doesn't matter.  12 point text on the display is 12 point text on the
> display, screen, paper, whatever..., no matter how far away from it you
> are.  It's a fixed size.

Absolutely correct, which is also why point size isn't actually what
anyone wants on a display (paper yes, but monitor no). The absolutely
correct measure would be angular diameter, but until the EDID info
from the monitor includes distance of viewers, that ain't gonna happen
(and it would be tricky to come up with a correct distance for a projection
display in a conference room full of people sitting at different distances
anyway :-).

> > Lying about the DPI is merely the simplest way to make the fonts readable.
> True enough, but that's why we have problems.

Not really, lying about the DPI has the exact same effect as providing
the information the monitor needs to compute angular diameter of fonts
without going to all the trouble of introducing complicated schemes
to provide angular diameter info that winds up having the same effect
as a much simpler lie.

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