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Re: Fedora 8, mplayer, radeon 9250, and "fullscreen" mode

* Jeff Krebs (jkrebs tconl com) wrote:
> I've installed Fedora 8 with few, if any, issues.  However, I am 
> experiencing a problem with mplayer (from FreshRPMs): when in fullscreen 
> mode, it only displays around 3/4rs to 7/8ths the size of the actual 
> full screen.  The black borders or video image don't extend fully to the 
> right or bottom; the display is shoved in the upper left corner at 0,0.  
> My setup is:
> - Pentium 4, 1.6gz
> - ATI Radeon 9250 AGP card
> - Using the "radeon" driver from xorg
> - Acer AL1916W LCD monitor, 1440x900 resolution
> Mplayer worked splendidly under Fedora 7.  My xorg.conf file is the 
> EXACT same one I used under Fedora 7.  My mplayer prefs are the same as 
> well (the "monitoraspect" is set to 16:10).  I use the xv mplayer driver 
> and have libdrm and mesa-libGL installed.  Even though the display isn't 
> fullscreen, it still retains the correct aspect ratio.
> This issue happens with and without gdm (I set the "runlevel" to 3 under 
> initab, and performed a manual "startx" with the same output result).
> This problem occurs under both the AfterStep and twm window managers.
> I've been very happy with the Xorg radeon driver, at least under Fedora 
> 7, and really have no interest in installing the proprietary drivers if 
> I don't have to.
> Can anyone repeat this issue?
> I did notice that Steve (zephod cfl rr com) had a prior post
> "Problem with screen resolution in F8"
> where he was experiencing a 2/3 screen with a Radeon card and LCD.  Things
> sounded eerily familiar.
> What can I do?
> Jeff
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Most odd indeed.

Again, the "Problem with screen resolution in F8" thread seems to have 
identified the issue. running xrandr, I seem to have a ghost monitor 
attached with a resolution of 1360X768 (compared to my normal 1440x900).

Appears to be an ATI driver issue.  Hopefully a fix is in the works.

Jeff Krebs

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