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Re: [FC8] irqbalance dead but subsys locked

Deepak Shrestha wrote:
> Hi,
> My FC8 installation went well and running well too but every time I
> shutdown my computer, I can see the message that "irqbalance
> [FAILED]".  I didn't mind it much. Today when I was configuring the
> services, I saw the irqbalance services and its status was "irqbalance
> dead but subsys locked". So far I am not affected by failing of this
> particular services but I am just curious about it. As the name
> suggests, it must be for balancing irq services
> but
> Is this a serious problem? Is there a way to solve it? Can I disable
> this service?
> By the way this is personal fedora installation.
> Thanks
This is not a serious problem. There was a fairly long thread about
this not that long ago. A somewhat simplified explanation is that
the IRQ balance daemon loads, discovers that it can not do dynamic
balancing with your hardware, and exits. But the script that
launches it does not handle this and leaves the lock file that says
the service is running. When you shutdown the system, the script
tries to shut down the daemon, but because it is not running, the
script reports that it failed.

There is a bug report on this. I have not been following it, so I am
not sure of the status. One fix would probably to have the daemon
exit with a non-zero return code when it can not do dynamic balancing.


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