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Using rescuecd !?

Hi all;

Let me start by saying I am NOT in immediate need of using the rescuecd.
But, I have been on other occasions.  I have been unable to find a
manual or guide on using rescuecd.  I have found HOWTO's that give me
the exact button pushes or command line instructions to use and managed
to fix the problem at the time.

I have not, however, found a text that explains what I am doing or why.

I have a list of about 20 questions that could be answered and explained
so that I would feel confident in using the rescuecd rather than feeling
like I am making it up as I go along.

There are two small issues that I would like to test here to see if
there is agreement:

1) Could the word 'sysimage' for root's home file system be changed to
something else more meaningful?  To me, when I first had to use
rescuecd, 'sysimage' was one extra bit of jargon I had to learn to
translate when I was already in an agitated state because my system was
2) Could the prompt be set up to show me more information than sh-3.2#?
It would make it easier for a new user to keep track of whether they
were working in [rescuecd/sh-3.2]# file system or the [CASE/sh-3.2]#
file system (CASE is the name of my host machine), if the prompt was
more explicit.

Remember when someone, particularly a new user, is in rescuecd for the
first couple of times, they are usually in an emotional state
characterized by frustration, fluster and fear that they have just blown
their entire system.  Adding a burden of unnecessary,
incomprehensibility is just a disservice.

Any ideas?  Can these changes be considered a bug?
Regards Bill

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