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Windows XP Sucks!

I got the file holding the Manual for my BIOS on this computer from BioStar web page and after clicking on the manual thing I d/l a file. It is CRUS5-M9_0829C_B.exe and I have d/l it several times because of Windows.

The .exe makes it a windows file for sure. I tried using the Linux unzip on it and it failed. So fired up my Work laptop which has winXP on it that is seldom used. I have it on a memory stick and when I put it on Windows nothing much happened. But I recalled to bring up "My Computer". And sure enough there was a Kenstin stick as e: and I clicked on it and there was my file.

I put mouse over file and moved it over to the main window. It didn't work and put up a long winded tail why I can't do that. It appears I on the keyboard do not have permission to do that.

I have a kernel package for F7 on the stick that went to my F7 on the laptop. I tried to slide that off and it went without a problem. In fact only the above file can't be moved.

Next I right clicked the file on the stick and selected to Run it. The error panel came up and told me the file is a Trogan type of thing and will not open it.

At a coffee get together all the other guys run Windows and the said there is a way to turn off the thing that calls EVERYTHING a problem. But it is well hidden. I had to listen to all the register problems and how you need to defrag windows every month or so.

   Boy! Sure glad I changed to Linux.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
	#450462   http://counter.li.org.

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