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Re: Windows XP Sucks!

On Nov 29, 2007 8:50 PM, Karl Larsen <k5di zianet com> wrote:
>     I got the file holding the Manual for my BIOS on this computer from
> BioStar web page and after clicking on the manual thing I d/l a file. It
> is CRUS5-M9_0829C_B.exe and I have d/l it several times because of Windows.
>     The .exe makes it a windows file for sure. I tried using the Linux
> unzip on it and it failed. So fired up my Work laptop which has winXP on
> it that is seldom used. I have it on a memory stick and when I put it on
> Windows nothing much happened. But I recalled to bring up "My Computer".
> And sure enough there was a Kenstin stick as e: and I clicked on it and
> there was my file.
>     I put mouse over file and moved it over to the main window. It
> didn't work and put up a long winded tail why I can't do that. It
> appears I on the keyboard do not have permission to do that.
>     I have a kernel package for F7 on the stick that went to my F7 on
> the laptop. I tried to slide that off and it went without a problem. In
> fact only the above file can't be moved.
>     Next I right clicked the file on the stick and selected to Run it.
> The error panel came up and told me the file is a Trogan type of thing
> and will not open it.
>     At a coffee get together all the other guys run Windows and the said
> there is a way to turn off the thing that calls EVERYTHING a problem.
> But it is well hidden. I had to listen to all the register problems and
> how you need to defrag windows every month or so.

I'm sorry for the possible flame this is going to start:

I've read all your mail, just to see if there is something
linux-related on it. And (as usual with your mails) there is nothing.

Please, we know Windows _could_ suck but STOP (yes, I'm shouting)
STOP, STOP, doing things like this.

This post is only noise in the list. And thanks to you, now I'm
feeling guilty because I'm following your fu#$7ng story.

You never follow the rules man. Never, ever. And they've been told to
you so many times...

I'm wondering if this is just a test to check our patience.

>     Boy! Sure glad I changed to Linux.
> --
>         Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
>         Linux User
>         #450462   http://counter.li.org.
> --
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