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Re: Windows XP Sucks!

Greg Sieranski wrote:
David Boles wrote:
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Greg Sieranski wrote:
David Boles wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
I got the file holding the Manual for my BIOS on this computer from BioStar web page and after clicking on the manual thing I d/l a file. It
is CRUS5-M9_0829C_B.exe and I have d/l it several times because of
Karl. I have no idea exactly what you have there but I went to the
Biostar website and every manual file, Documentations in the Menu(s),
that I found was a .pdf. Nothing in manuals was an executable.

What is the MB model number?


Here is where he got it from

Greg Sieranski

Why in the heck would he go there? There is a very nice GUI http website
that is just begging to be 'click on me' all over the place.

Do you know the actual MB number? That *is* what he is looking for here.
Correct? It was.

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I agree. If you go to the Support & Services -> Documentations there is a drop down list of all the products and the manuals in .pdf format. I have no clue what Karl was doing

Greg Sieranski

It appears I went to the wrong place. I put biostar in google and the first listing had a lot of things and I selected motherboards because that is what I want. But all the files are .exe.

   Will look again and see if I can find the place you looked.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
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