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Re: Windows XP Sucks!

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Jim Cornette wrote:
> David Boles wrote:
> Or get XP added to a "How Stuff Doesn't Work" website.


XP does not work? That statement I don't understand.

Karl tried to open the file he downloaded with WinZip and it is a WinRar
archive. Different archive format. So? Not Windows fault. Pebcak.
Inexperience in Windows on Karl's part which is understandable.

The Windows virus checker program that was evidently installed and
running did not want to execute the executable self-extracting archive
file because it thought that it might be, was questionable at least, a
Trojan file. That means 'bad file'. The most common way Windows gets
infected is like this. And Windows stopped it.

Seems like it did not, neither could Fedora Linux either, do what it
could not. Open the archive file. The non FOSS, WinRar, archive program
was not installed so he could not open the archive. Simple enough. Not a

The Windows virus scanner, whatever it is, was concerned and warned him
before he screwed up the install. Again? Simple enough. Not a 'failure'.

So explain to me please where/how Windows XP failed? Seems to me like it
worked just fine.
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