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Re: yumex not functioning on my f8 platform

Richard England wrote:
Sometime early this week I noticed that yumex on my f8 system was not showing any updates. I was getting the pup (?) notification that updates existed but I couldn't see them in yumex. Today I change my /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora_updates.repo file so I was looking at baseurl instead of mirror list and yumex still did not show any update but yum allowed me to add the 26 it showed as available.

I try to keep a watch on this list but I saw nothing about any problems with mirrors or yum or yumex. I haven't touched my yum or yumex set up, except to add livna, and even that I did with a rpm.

What did I miss? Anyone out there that can shed some light on what might have happened or suggest some diagnostics for me?


Further data.... The yumex transcript shows the following when the mirrors are activated:

. . .
8:35:58 : Setup Yum : Groups
18:35:58 : Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
18:36:05 : Failure getting http://mirror.stanford.edu/fedora/linux/updates/8/i386/repodata/comps-f8.xml:
18:36:05 :   --> [Errno -1] Metadata file does not match checksum
18:36:05 : Trying other mirror.
18:36:11 : Failure getting ftp://ftp.uci.edu/mirrors/fedora/linux/updates/8/i386/repodata/comps-f8.xml:
18:36:33 :   --> [Errno -1] Metadata file does not match checksum
18:36:33 : Trying other mirror.
. . . . .
and a whole bunch of repeats...

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