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Mysteries of openldap

I'm running openldap on my desktop,
and can access it fine from my laptop.
But I'd like to use TLS encryption
(as the desktop ldap is open to the world).

Unfortunately I find the openldap documentation
very difficult to follow.
It is almost as though they speak a different language,
say Finnish or Hungarian.

I've followed the instructions in chapter 14, "Using TLS",
in the OpenLDAP Software 2.4 Administrator's Guide
at <http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/>.
I've un-commented out the lines
TLSCACertificateFile /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt
TLSCertificateFile /etc/pki/tls/certs/slapd.pem
TLSCertificateKeyFile /etc/pki/tls/certs/slapd.pem
and restarted "service ldap".

But I see no evidence that this has had any effect.
I can access the ldap directory from my laptop
exactly as I did before,
even if I make the change
in ldap.conf on my laptop,
which as far as I can see (from "man ldap.conf")
should require my certificate(s) to be checked.

But is seems to work, as I said, with or without certificates,
and I see no evidence from tcpdump that
any encryption has been requested or implemented.

If someone who speaks openldap could enlighten me
I should be very grateful.

Incidentally, I have avoided installing SASL authentication,
basically because I assumed that as it is comes from Cyrus
it was somehow related to Cyrus-Imap,
which caused me great grief before I moved to dovecot.

Is SASL in fact the standard way to authenticate openldap?
I read somewhere that there are "many ways"
of authenticating openldap ,
without unfortunately any particular way being suggested.

Apologies for addressing what is probably an inappropriate forum.
I tried posting to the gmane newsgroup 
mirroring the mailing list at openldap-software openldap org
but unfortunately my postings there never appear.

Any advice or suggestions gratefully received.

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