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Re: during fedora boot, what picks up the initrd.img from /boot?

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   i'm sure i'm going to regret asking this only seconds after i hit
> ENTER, but at what point during the boot process does the kernel's
> corresponding /boot/initrd.img file kick in and get used?
>   i'm following along reading the logic of initramfs and early
> userspace, and can see where a compressed cpio archive can be
> incorporated into the kernel image itself.  fair enough.
>   but how does the /boot/initrd.img (which is itself a compressed cpio
> image) get processed during boot?  it's certainly not passed as an
> argument to the kernel as i can see via /proc/cmdline.  so how does it
> affect the boot sequence?  thanks.
> rday
I believe that Grub loads the image, and then passes the location to
the kernel at boot. Support for the file system of initrd.img has to
be built into the kernel.


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