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Re: Fedora and Ubuntu

Jonathan Dieter <jdieter <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I wouldn't worry about the possibility of the server going down. At some
> point (hopefully), the Fedora 8 official repositories will be
> presto-enabled and you will then be able to get your deltarpms directly
> from them.  The Fedora 7 official repositories will never be
> presto-enabled (at least as far as I understand it).

Can you say why the official repos will "never" be presto-enabled?
For this to be adopted in a widespread manner it would need to have a 
reasonably widespread distribution of mirrors including fast ones
available to people across the globe - otherwise if every machine
running Fedora were to start pulling in rpm diff files it could
in principle swamp the single server acting as a source.

The idea sounds in principle like a good way of making large bandwidth
savings. So what is the reason there is resistance to wider adoption
for mirrors? 

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