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Re: streaming video metrics

Mark Haney wrote:
> Ed Greshko wrote:
>>> We have a couple of our customers (we're a non-profit ISP) that are
>>> looking to start offering streaming/flash video from their websites. One
>>> of their questions has been about metrics of those videos.  Are there
>>> any tools that track that specifically, or possibly any tricks to
>>> doing it?
>>> I'm not a streaming video newbie, but metrics are a new thing for me.
>> I'm sorry....is there a Fedora related question?
>> What are you trying to determine and how does that relate to a Fedora
>> question?
> Well, it does and it doesn't relate, yes it's off-topic should have been
> marked as such (my bad), but it does relate in that they will all be
> using Fedora 8, since we're their ISP and their services group.

OK....so this is OT.

But, could you try rephrasing the question such that it is generic?  I still
don't have the foggiest idea of what you are asking.

Yes, it is late in the day here in Taiwan....but I am a fan of the KISS
principle.  What do you want to know?

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