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Re: [OT]Re: Windows XP Sucks!

Alan Cox wrote:
Ain't Moms wonnerful? We had to switch mine from an 8 bit Kaypro with WordStar to a Mac SE. Took well over two years to get her to stop insisting the the WordStar cursor diamond was going to work on the Mac. (For the youth on the list - the WordStar diamond was a set of four keys which moved the cursor around the text screen when used with the control key.) A quarted century later she is still on a rant that techies do things to suit themselves.

yum install joe

jstar file

Those keybindings live on


<way off topic>
Wild! I still run WordStar7 under XP so I can access old files from my Kaypro days. Haven't cared much for the old WS diamond since the control key moved into the damn corner of the keyboard. For years I swapped the capslock and control key (in both DOS and windoze) but finally gave up (too many different machines that I couldn't control) and just got used to it.

The control key belongs next to the A but I've been out-voted by /them/ 8^) If it was good enough for teletypes and Sun it should be good enough for everyone (Big Smile) ...and these days I have trouble with Sun keyboards because they kept the control key where it belongs. oh well... on the old Kaypro I wired a foot switch in parallel with the control key so it was alot more convenient.

...have I gotten *sufficiently* off topic? I'm sorry, I couldn't resist, I'm one of those old farts that actually got to empty the bit bucket (remember card and paper tape punches?). Sometimes the old ways are still valid otherwise we wouldn't be so hard over about an OS that mimics UNIX. I like the xscreensaver and the ability to manipulate images, but I still use a command line for doing anything that matters.
</way off topic>

And now back to our regularly scheduled Fedora User List!
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