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Re: Recursive diff?

Konstantin Svist wrote:
Marcelo Magno T. Sales wrote:
Em Sex 30 Nov 2007, Konstantin Svist escreveu:
Personally, I really like kdiff3 - it's a pretty nice UI for diff.
It compares directories, too - and presents the differences in a very
easy-to decipher format :)

Or Kompare, I like it too.

Just looked it up - not bad, but it doesn't allow you to edit/merge files. I guess it can be a nice default for "svn diff" :)

Surely that's Patch you want. Use to have a cow[1] called Patch.

Oh, and kdiff3 can also do 3-way comparisons. I rarely use that feature, though...

[1] One of them big hairy critters that provide milk so other folk can confuse you by putting in bottles. Not an appendage to a ro filesystem.



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