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Re: FC7 on my lappy, F8 dvd in drive, fresh powerup

Gene Heskett writes:

On Thursday 29 November 2007, Gene Heskett wrote:
On Thursday 29 November 2007, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
Gene Heskett writes:
HP-dv5120us, amd turion 64 bit cpu, gig of ram, 100 GB drive.
It gets to the bit about skipping the media test (it already passed that
several times previously on this dvd)

then I get a blue screen with the prompts across the bottom, and a

"Welcome to Fedora for 386"

across the top, and it sits there.  And it does this regardless of the
mode I choose to do the install/upgrade.

Whats Next?

Well, try booting with "nohz=off noapic". That worked for me on one cranky

Must have been the magic twanger,, it ran anaconda and now says
off.  Looks like the starter pistol must have fired, I'll be back if any
more gotcha's show up.

I guess they did, it has been stuck, with the HD led on, but no dvd activity, at 99% in the dependency check since about 7 hours ago. The machine is relatively cool, so its not working very hard. No response to the tab, alt+tab, space, or F12 keys.

What is next folks?

The 99% halt in dependency check is, I believe, a known bug if you have some packages installed from non-Fedora repositories (Livna, FreshRPMS, etc…) whose dependencies cannot be groked by anaconda; although your ALT-Fx should still work, though.

Take an inventory of all the stuff that you have installed from non-Fedora sources, and nuke them via rpm -e. You can reinstall them later, after the ugprade.

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