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Re: Gnome or KDE - why not ask?

2009/10/10 Valent Turkovic <valent turkovic gmail com>:
> On Sat, 10 Oct 2009 12:37:28 +0100, Timothy Murphy wrote:
>>  "If you think you
>> are cleverer than me, press this button".
> Good point.
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I understand your frustration but I cannot agree with you.

The installation process guides you through some basic points (like
grub, partitioning, basic packages). Most distributions nowadays ship
with both kde and gnome. By default fedora installs gnome and I think
every user who wants to try it should know this. It's not about being
clever or not. The PackageKit then gives you the ability to install
and set kde.

Even typing "set kde as default in fedora during installation" in
google will give you tons of examples how to do it. And the
installation guide is really well written. The only problem is how
many people ever read it?

Basic productivity means just this: basic: the ability to use your
hardware for doing simple computer tasks. If you want something more
then you should at least try to find some information about it.

You want to "customize" fedora with your preference for kde. Therefore
it's "natural" for me to click on "customize now" because it differs
from the default options. This option isn't hidden and it doesn't make
the installer clever than you.

How would you react if instead of "customize now" the button read
"choose default environment and extra packages"? Would that change
anything during the installation? Think about how many people would
like to "customize" thier installation with options ranging from
"setting default environment" to "options for sound card", etc. There
is no way to satisfy all those wishes. Anakonda really gives you
enough tools to customze your system but you have to learn how to use
this installer.

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