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Re: Gnome or KDE - why not ask?

On 10/10/2009 4:29 PM, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> On Sat, 2009-10-10 at 11:09 -0700, Marc Wilson wrote:
>> On Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at 8:39 AM, Patrick O'Callaghan
>> <pocallaghan gmail com> wrote:
>>> The perennial "if you don't like it then fix the problem yourself or
>>> just shut up" is what gets very old, as do witty paraphrases such as
>>> "you can always return it for a full refund". So only seasoned
>>> developers get to have an opinion and the rest of us can just take what
>>> we get and be thankful? I don't think so.
>> Everyone certainly gets to have an opinion.
>> The KDE thing is very old.  The difference, however, is that the KDE
>> people within Fedora are, always saying "please, come help us", and
>> all anyone wants to do is complain about how things aren't the way
>> they think they should be.
>> File bug reports.  Help with translations. Do whatever.
>> No one wants to.
> Depends where you look. Not everything is on this list, for example the
> Fedora-KDE list is full of people making bug reports and try to help
> however they can (and griping and asking questions like they do here of
> course; that's what lists are for). I've filed a good 6 or 7 reports in
> the past year or so.
> However filing a bug report on a KDE app has no effect whatever on the
> general Gnome-based policy of Fedora. Once again: I understand this and
> don't expect it to change because I believe the state of the art in
> Linux desktops simply hasn't reached a point where a distro can be both
> genuinely DE-neutral and fully functional. The freedesktop people are
> doing what they can and a lot of progress has been made, but there's a
> long way to go.
> Platforms where you don't get a choice don't have this problem of
> course. They have other problems instead.

If your 'problem' with KDE belongs to Fedora, Fedora package specific,
was mine I would post it on Fedora's Bugzilla. If it was a KDE specific
problem I would post it on the KDE Bugzilla. The same would hold true of
specific questions.

As for Fedora being a GNOME *based* disto? Many, most?, of the Fedora
configuration *applications* are written in the same GTK that GNOME is
written in but Fedora runs just fine with only a KDE, or other, Desktop
installed and without a GNOME Desktop installed at all. You will, of
course, still see some libs and such as they are needed by the system
applications. But no GNOME Desktop will be installed, or be available to
run, *if* you tell the installer not to install a GNOME Desktop.



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