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Re: How to tell IP address of remote machine?

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> OpenVPN makes me feel that all the machines are in the same LAN
> (which I suppose they are),
> while two machines linked by ssh seems somehow more remote.
What I was referring to was using one of the dynamic DNS services
and using openvpn. I don't see how one would give you problems with
the other.

With openvpn, it depends on how you set it up as to if you are
joining the remote network, or just the remote machine. The same
with the end making the connection. (Are you using a bridged
connection on one or both ends, or have you set up IP tables and
routing to do the same thing?) With ssh it is usually a machine to
machine connection, but you can also get fancy with port forwarding
over ssh. I used to forward port 25 over an ssh connection so that
my outgoing mail was coming from the "local" machine as far as the
mail server on the remote machine was concerned.


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