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Re: [rhn-users] RH ES4 & SuperMicro Serial ATA Raid

I have seen this with IBM HostRAID as well, and in addition when I try to install RH with a driver disk with "linux dd" it accepts my a320 driver then superseedes it with the native scsi aix27xx driver and I my host raid fails. The way I have gotten around this is to install on sda and then remove the 27xx driver and install the a320 then reboot and the raid works. Verify that the driver you have installed is up and runnng and that the native rhdriver hasent taken over.

Shadd Gallegos
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ShaddGa us ibm com
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Subject: [rhn-users] RH ES4 & SuperMicro Serial ATA Raid

We're attempting to install RH ES4 on a SuperMicro 2U server.  The  
specific model of server is a 6024H-TR.  The motherboard has two  
different SATA RAID controllers onboard.

It's a little bit confusing, because the BIOS for both of the SATA  
RAID is an "Adaptec Embedded HostRAID v2.2-1.2005".

However, the motherboard documentation on SuperMicro's website  
indicates that one SATA RAID is a Marvell 88SX6081 controller, and  
the other is a 6300ESB controller.

We have set up two boot drives in RAID1 using the firmware from these  
controllers, and on boot the RH CD detects the drives using the  
libata ata_piix driver, but this driver doesn't recognize the RAID  
capabilities of the controllers and so the drives show up as two  
distinct /dev/sda and /dev/sdb drives.

Can anyone provide pointers on how to get a 2.6 kernel working with  
RAID 1 on either of these controllers?

Roger J. Weeks
Systems & Network Administrator
Mendocino Community Network

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