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Re: [rhn-users] NIS server problem - cannot login from Unix clients


1) Install/Configure md5 passwd encryption to the Unix
client/system (SGI/HP/IBM/Sun/etc) so that the system
USE the md5 encryption an also can READ the passwd md5
encryption from RedHat Linux NIS server.

- OR -

2) Disable md5 encryption on the RedHat Linux NIS
server. This can be done by :

2a) Run this command (at RedHat Linux NIS server)    

     # system-config-authentification 
       (then deselect md5 in the interface)
         -- This is for Fedora Core 

     # redhat-config-authentification
       (then deselect md5 in the interface)
         -- This is for RedHat 9 & 8(maybe)

2b) OR run this command (at RedHat Linux NIS server)

     # authconfig-gtk
       (then deselect md5 in the interface) 

2c) OR run this command (at RedHat Linux NIS server)

     # authconfig --kickstart --disablemd5

After run any of the above command, the NIS server
will no longer use md5 encryption when add new user
(passwd), but the existing users are still use the md5
encryption passwd, and the server can recognise it.
You need to change the passwd for Unix clients to


- aku orang ipoh -


--- Aku Orang Ipoh <xixa02 yahoo co uk> wrote on

> Hello all,
> I setup one NFS/NIS server using Red Hat Linux v 9,
> and the clients are SGI (O/S Irix) and IBM (O/S AIX)
> workstations for my customer. The server setup are
> OK
> and running well when I tried to use another Red Hat
> Linux as client (NIS user can login from this
> client).
> When I tried to use SGI Irix, the user cannot login
> with the error "user cannot login". Then I check the
> NIS passwd (using "ypcat passwd"), and found that
> the
> RH9 passwd encryption are longer than Irix. Example
> are as below :
> SGI Irix ->
> usr1:EJr2z35mE2892:1972:0:Testing:/usr1:/bin/bash
> RH9 NIS (using ypcat passwd) ->
> I found that this is the cause of the problem that
> make the user cannot login from SGI Irix. When I
> tried
> to copy the passwd encryption from Irix /etc/passwd
> user to RH9 NIS server shadow file, then update the
> NIS database as below :
> RH9 NIS (using ypcat passwd) ->
> nis1:EJr2z35mE2892:502:502::/NFS/nis1:/bin/bash
> Then my NIS user can login from any of the clients
> (using passwd same as usr1 SGI Irix passwd) i.e. can
> login from SGI, IBM & RH9.
> So how do I shorter the encryption of the passwd
> file,
> so that NIS users can login from any machine without
> reinstall and setup back the RH9 NIS (as I remember
> we
> can unselected the longer encryption /etc/passwd
> file
> while installing).

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