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Re: [rhn-users] 2.4.x kernel and File System Limits

Actually, bash(1) internal ommand 'ulimit(1)' sets the hard and soft limits agains thrt specific limits of the OS and filesystem type; and as you copy form one place or system to anothe, you have to know the details on each end (about 64 combination so far with only one file system type).

if ext3 can go above 6 TB now, then all of these thing should be tunable;

1) You may have to rebuild the kenrel to enable them (big versus small, argument sizes (32 bits will not go above 2GB as a signed int, whereas 64 bits will), limits files at config time, limits at boot time, limits within your shell login that set a hard limit down from the open file system size limit; and so forth.

You have to get ALL of these together before you will get truly large thing sto move around corectly.

There are bout 20 places you may have to go to to ge this done;
including the RAID package you use and the type of hard drive you are on and the firmware revision against your MB BIOS against which revision of SATA or IDE or SCSI-3 you are running ... all depends. Any of these can foul you when going beyond the NEXT "fundamental limit"

Why 2TB in the first place?

... SOme one decided that 2GB was "it" (31 bits in signed ints); then 4GB (unsigned), then 8GB (remember the old Win98 problems agains tthe then current IDE BIOS tables and structures?); and so forth.

4GB to 2TB is merely one more 7/8/9/10 bit step up: do you see the "binary think" involved?

2TB is just the latest nonsense limit buit in to cripped software that needs to go away;
you CAN build the interface to NOT have a limit.

We just are not doing it.
DTitkemeyer auroracasket com wrote:

Liz is correct, 2gb *file* limit.    Actually I had a file go past 2gb, nearing
4gb.  It was the transferring it from one system to another when it would hit
the 2gb limit.

David Titkemeyer
Client Systems Developer
Aurora Casket Company
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I thought it was a *file* limit of 2gb not file system..

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Hi there -

I have to build a 6 TB system and wanted to know if the 2.4.x kernel
version still has a file system limit of 2 TB. If it does, I'm going to
have to go with SuSe. Anyone know if this Red Hat limitation was ever
fixed in this kernel?

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