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[rhn-users] Strange application of an errata today

I'm not sure whether this is a hosted or proxy issue and I'm not sure
if it is operator error or something else that caused it. We have a
hosted environment running a current release proxy server with custom
channels. A product enhancement errata was released for some of those
custom channels a couple of days ago and today it was scheduled for
every system subscribed to the pertinent channels (or so it seems at a

Question 1: Should this errata be scheduled for machines which don't
have any relevant package installed? It was but this seems silly. They
picked it up and failed to install it harmlessly.

Question 2: Should it be scheduled for systems with auto errata update
set to no? It was. I can't tell how the scheduling is done, it is
listed as (none).

Question 3: Should systems with this errata scheduled but which have
auto errata updates set to no pick up the package and install it when
doing the next rhn_check? They did. This caused major grief as it
broke openAFS in this case and it seems to me that this should not
have happened.

Can anyone shed any light on any of this for me? It has been an
immensely long week and I'm exhausted so maybe I'm not thinking too
clearly at the moment.


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