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Re: [rhos-list] Hooks/plugins in Openstack NOVA

Hi Russell,

Thanks a lot for the pointer. I think this will solve my problem.

Sorry to trouble you more, but can you please direct me to some sample notification receiver.

I know python but no nothing about this messaging system. So if you can give me a sample notification receiver I will adopt it to my needs.

I see some of the information missing which is required for me.

-- there is no data available about the MAC Address of the VIFs associated with instance.
Even the Reference manual of API is not working for getting this data. I referred http://api.openstack.org/api-reference.html



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From:"Russell Bryant"< rbryant redhat com >
Date: 21 Nov 12 18:23:35
Subject: Re: [rhos-list] Hooks/plugins in Openstack NOVA
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On 11/20/2012 11:23 PM, Kumar Vaibhav wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to add execute some custom scripts, which make entries in my
> existing
> authentication/authorisation system, at the start of boot of the VM
> instance.
> This script can be run on cloud nova manager(preferred) or nova compute
> node.
> How to add this script in the openstack-nova?
> Is there any provision of creating/defining hooks in NOVA?

Nova does not have any hook support currently. However, it does have an
asynchronous notifications system that could be used for this. Here is
a wiki page that shows the data that comes in the notifications for
creating and deleting an instance:


To enable notifications in Folsom, you set the notification_driver in
the [DEFAULT] section of nova.conf.

notification_driver=nova.openstack.common.noti fier.rabbit_notifier

There is also a log file based notifier, but I suspect the messaging
based notifier better suits your needs. Also, while the notifier is
named "rabbit_notifier", it actually applies to whatever is configured
as the "rpc_backend". So, it works with Qpid, as well.

Russell Bryant

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