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Re: true-tyxpe fonts on roswell

Have people missed my other post?

One method in that document seems that to be popular is this RPM that makes
the usual web fonts a very easy installation in Red Hat 7.1 and several
other distros.  Web fonts in KDE 2.2beta on Red Hat 7.1 look absolutely
gorgeous with this easy RPM.  Unfortunately, I tried installing this on
Roswell and it breaks fonts very badly (though the fix is very simple.)

This package includes a very old Microsoft Webfont executable with less
restrictive licensing, saying basically "Distribution is allowed as long as
the package is unmodified."  Technically the included webfonts.exe package
is not modified because it is distributed as a whole.  Simply CabExtract the
contents, then script fontmetrics, chkfontpath and it works with a simple X

Do you think this could possibly be legal for Red Hat to distribute, by
using this loop hole in an older license package?

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> As I understand it, and IANAL, use of the fonts does not violate
> Microsoft's EULA. RedHat can't distribute them, but individuals can use
> them.
> Mozilla looks great with decent true type fonts, by the way. ;)

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