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Re: Red Hat Linux 8.0

On Fri, 19 Oct 2001, Crutcher Dunnavant wrote:

> And if the registry had some properties it doesn't, it would be perfect:
> 	Subtree-Package affinity:
> 	A simple relationship between subtrees and packages, so that
> 	trees get zapped when their package gets removed.

Oh yes... now you need to use a Registry cleaner for that.

> 	Network Access:
> 	The registry on Windows is accessed through magic syscalls, but
> 	in the *NIX world, the Right Way to do this would be over
> 	network connections. Local clients wouldn't need SSL, because
> 	UNIX-domain sockets are secure.

The Registry is remotable, and I believe Win2K defaults to Kerberos
authentication for network access. That said, I don't believe the actual
connection is encrypted, but I'm talking through my hat here...

> 	Filesystem-level integrety.
> 	Heilien, paraphrasing Twain, once said:
> 	"Put all your eggs in one basket, and WATCH THAT BASKET!"
> 	A registry which gets corrupt, ever, is useless.

Yes. However, Win2K does have some safety measures in place, including
automatic backups of the Registry files, and the ability to roll back to
the last good state at start-up (or to use the Recovery Console to disable
e.g. problematic drivers/services set to run from the Registry).




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