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My two cents on the release

Just an opinion, but I think RedHat has done it again!  Another great 
piece of software.  ext3 has probably saved my but once already, and I've 
been using it for just three days or so (stupid power button), some of the 
new Management tools are very nice.  What's even better, is that I didn't 
run into any nasty surprises along the way...

And as for the release...  they did exactly what they said.  They 
announced it when it was available.  As for CompUSA having it out for sale 
earlier than everyone else, how does that help either one of the 
companies involved if 90%+ of the population didn't even know it was on 

I bought it Friday when I found out about it, three whole days before the 
actual release (and just 1/2 a business day earlier.) I was happy to go 
and buy it when I heard it was there, as I was planning to do in order to
support RedHat.  I even put the ISO's out so the other people itching to 
have it could get it a couple days earlier... but all in all they did what they 
always do.

One thing to think about; would you be more annoyed if the store had it 
ahead of time and you could actually pick it up and have it, or if it was 
out but none of the local stores had a copy for you to buy so then you 
have to sit and download for 16 hours on the crowded mirrors.  Half of you 
claim you want to buy it to support RedHat anyway so don't waste your time 
downloading, go to CompUSA or somewhere else, pick up a copy, get a cup of 
coffee, or a beer, and start loading.

jason montleon com

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