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Re: My two cents on the release

On Monday 22 October 2001 14:43, Jason Montleon wrote:
> Just an opinion, but I think RedHat has done it again!  Another great
> piece of software.  ext3 has probably saved my but once already, and
> I've been using it for just three days or so (stupid power button)

According to the release notes:

     Please keep in mind that even a journaling file system can be damaged
     by power loss.  When a system loses power, that system's behavior is
     undefined.  For example, memory contents can decay (become randomly
     corrupt) as the contents are copied to a hard drive running on the
     last bit of power.  This is a fundamentally different situation from
     the more defined sequence of events caused by pressing the system's
     "reset" button while the system is running.  In addition, IDE hard
     drives do not provide all of the write order guarantees that SCSI
     drives do.

It sounds like ext3 is not suppose to save your butt in the case of power
button misuse, and you should still do an fsck anyway. Did I read that 

On a personal, slightly related note, let me add that leaving a UPS on 
the floor where a swinging foot can hit a button can sometimes be a bad 
idea. :-)


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