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Re: SuSe flavor.

Liguo Song schrieb:
> I just found out that there was another flavor of rpm package other than
> RedHat and Mandrake out there. It is SuSe. The rpm package of this kind
> only have the package in the file name, without the version nubmers, eg
> rpm.rpm. @O@
> Forgive my ignorance. Is SuSe using an alien RPM?  Is it safe to install
> a SuSe rpm package onto a RedHat box??

I would'nt do it. SuSE RPMs don't follow the same file location rules as 
RedHat. E.g. they place initscripts in /sbin/init.d instead of 
/etc/rc.d /init.d or /etc/init.d. The initscripts also aren't ntsysv 

They also cripple the spec-files. SuSE distributions are'nt compatible to 
any other distribution ...

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