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Building .src.rpm as non-root?

Ok, I'm trying to do something that should be really, really simple, but I
can't get it to go.  I have access to a really big machine that I'd like to
use to build RPMs on.  However, I don't have access to /usr/src/redhat.
I've been *TRYING* to get it to use my own local version, but it won't do
it.  It seems like I should be able to just create a .rpmrc in my home
directory with the line:


This doesn't work.  When I try to do 'rpm -bc /home/idr/rpm/SPECS/foo.spec',
I get:

bad option 'topdir' at /home/idr/.rpmrc:1
File /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/foo.tar.gz: No such file or directory
bad option 'topdir' at /home/idr/.rpmrc:1

I have yet to find any where that tells how to do this.  I've poured over
the man page, the HOWTO, and the on-line version of Maximum RPM.  This seems
like something that should be both easy to do and commonly done.  Where is
it documented?!?

Now, after I get past this hurdle, how do I build the .src.rpm or the
.<arch>.rpm without being root?

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