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Whoops, trashed my RPM database going to 4.0

I just upgraded 82 packages to the RawHide version including RPM.  I had been 
running 3.0.5 and am now running 4.0.  I upgraded a whole slew of packages and 
afterwards 'rpm -qa' returned nothing.  I ran 'rpm --rebuilddb' and it didn't
help.  I then finally looked at the email annoucning rpm-4.0 and saw that it 
said I should install rpm and popt together.  I realized that I hadn't 
upgraded popt (might have been nice if it had told me there was a dependency), 
so I installed it (with a -nodeps flag).  Now 'rpm -qa' tells me that the only RPM 
I have installed is popt.

Should I just reinstall everything on top of itself or is there an easier way 
to dig myself out of this hole?


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