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Re: Tips for rpm newbie

> still useful, though lacking information about changes.  The biggest
> problem area, though is precisely in chapter 21, the RPM API.  The
I agree with you about the API, which is why I stated that it was very
useful for 2.x, I was merely responding to the question raised by a "newbie"
who may not have much initial use for an API.  I was attempting to point out
that while the book is somewhat dated, it is still a good intial starting
point for those new to rpm who wish to learn more about it.

> advice.  But it's not a substitute for good basic documentation, and
Agreed.  I was merely pointing out a good location for a full spec file
example.  A version 2 of Maximum RPM would be greatly appreciated.
Especially with the new rpm 4.x.

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> --Robert Heinlein

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