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Re: RH 3.0.6 was: Re: Updating problems

On Thu, Dec 07, 2000 at 08:18:06PM -0500, R P Herrold wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Dec 2000, Rodrigo Barbosa (aka morcego) wrote:
> > > Upgrade to RPM 3.0.5 or better. IIRC, the latest version is 3.0.6.
> > > This is RPM 4 compatible.
> >
> > Well, I would not recomend 3.0.6 for production, just like 4.1.
> > If you want something at production level, try 3.0.5 or 4.0.
> ... hmmm ... I have been running 3.0.6 in five production
> hosts since mid-October (after a couple week's testing on
> devel hosts), with NO adverse externalities in both a 5.X and
> 6.x environment.  What caused your negative reaction?
> ... I am hoping for a 3.0.7 to correct the small specfile bug
> in the 3.0.6 src.rpm, and to otherwise beat upon ... .

Besides running into some problems (which have already been fixed), I have
not tested it so much lately. I'm simply stating it's not a production 
I have been running 4.1 on a test machine here, and have not met with any
big problems for some time now. Even so, I would not recomend it either for
production machines.


 Rodrigo Barbosa (morcego)  - rodrigob@conectiva.com.br
 Conectiva R&D Team         - http://distro.conectiva.com.br
 "Quis custodiet custodes?" - http://www.conectiva.com

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