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Re: Enhancment to rpm packaging

On Wed, Dec 13, 2000 at 10:57:02AM -0000, ANEESH KUMAR .K.V wrote:
> Hai ,
>   One of the main difficulty that people face while installing some rpms are 
> the dependecy that it throws and installation failing . I think this is 
> little bit annoying for a  "normal user" . Since he don't care  about the 
> dependent packages he only wants the particular product to be installed on 
> his system .  One way of solving it is to provide all the files needed for 
> the product to be pacakged along the product . But i don't think this is a 
> good approach . What i am suggesting here is the rpm command should have an 
> option that tell unattended installation . For achiving this following 
> modification have to be made for the existing rpm .

You should try the RPM enabled version of apt-get ... Will do exactly what you want.


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