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Re: FAQ ? Source RPMS in alternate location

> The issue here is that you're not *installing* the package that you
> build, so you don't need to mess with the database. Building a package
> does not modify the installed-packages database. You're essentially
> using RPM as a "meta-make" to untar/patch/config/make/pseudo-install,
> but you're not using the database features that track what's installed.

Well, it seems to work, thanks.  I guess I've been trying too hard
to avoid trouble.

The surprise is that, in contrast to installing a binary RPM,
installing an SRPM evidently didn't cause rpm to attempt a database
entry (which would have failed due to permissions).  I'll file a
Bugzilla request to have this tidbit added to the man page.

Now all I have to do is figure out why the executable built from
the RH6.2 SRPM on an RH6.2 system is 2188 bytes larger than the
executable distributed as part of RH6.2 itself :(

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