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Re: rpm -ba file.spec

I am having the same problem with rpm-3.0.5.  rpm -ba <specfile> is supposed
to create both source and binary packages.  It doesn't do either.  You say
that -bs builds source packages, that's more than I've been able to do.  Let
me know if -bb works for you for binary packages.

Asad Chaudhary
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Subject: rpm -ba file.spec

> Isnt the rpm -ba supposed to also create source and binary packages?
>  I did this with samba-2.0.7-4.src.rpm and it would build and install but
>  not create packages. A -bs re-creates the SRPM and I am trying to
>  build the binaries with -bb. The rpm version is 3.0.5-9.6x.
>  Henri
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