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Re: rpm database problem

On Fri, 1 Sep 2000, John Aldrich wrote:

>> I'm having a bit of trouble with the rpm database. querying it with 
>> rpm -q -a gives a nice big list, but querying a specific package, e.g. 
>> rpm -q xcdroast[blah] says xcdroast not installed, when the global
>> query clearly lists it. this then prevents me from removing any packages
>> as it thinks they're not installed. 
>Don't try to include the version number in the query. Just
>try "rpm -q xcdroast" and that will work beautifully. Same
>thing goes for removing said package. Just include the name
>of the program and forget about the [blah] part. RPM will
>choke on that.

4 root@asdf:~# rpm -q xcdroast-0.96e-1
4 root@asdf:~# rpm -ql xcdroast-0.96e-1

No choking here.

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