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Re: rpm & ssh - Will the 2 be incorporated w/ each other soon?

Ian Alexander wrote:
> Jeff Johnson wrote:
> >
> > - The major impediment to adding protocol support to rpm is one of
> >   taste and design:
> >
> >     Should rpm have support for any (including FTP/HTTP) protocols at all?
> >
> Someone else might have an example why this might be useful, but my
> first instinct is to say no; let other utilities handle the "fetching"
> of packages over the network.  There doesn't seem to be any real gain
> from adding the protocols into rpm; just use a second utility (rsync,
> sup, scp, ftp, etc) to get the packages.

I don't usually use rpm to fetch packages, but if the FTP/HTTP protocols
are taken out of rpm, I'm going to put them back in for my own use of
rpmq.  The ability to query a remote package for its Requires, Provides,
and Conflicts (not to mention Description to see whether I'm looking at
the correct package in the first place) is just too useful.

It also saves a whale of a lot of bandwidth, not downloading the wrong

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